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Our Story

Our Insights. Your Design.

We are designers of software that’s made to carry your design vision further. We think like you, imagine like you, and strive to create that next big thing like you. Design is at the core of our business. It’s what moves us forward every day. From our award-winning company and products to our market-leading entertainment software solutions, we envision your design needs through the lens of using best-in- class 2D and 3D technologies and data to improve the entire design process. It’s our focus on providing you with intuitive interfaces to best-in-class technology that makes your selection of Vectorworks the right choice for informing your design decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle, from 2D drawing to 3D modeling to fully integrated BIM.

About Vectorworks

Since 1985, we’ve been creating design software solutions that now fully serve the AEC, landscape, and entertainment industries in 85 countries. We draw inspiration for creating Vectorworks software from the world around us and the innovative ways industry users create with it. With more than 685,000 users, we’re building a global Vectorworks community who are creating, connecting, and influencing the next generation of design with our software on both Mac and Windows. Vectorworks is the first architectural software developer to earn the major milestone of IFC4 Export Certification — a distinction that reinforces our drive to put collaboration at the heart of sharing information across software systems.

Across the world stage, Vectorworks is driving the adoption of BIM within the architecture, landscape, and entertainment industries. From helping architects be successful with the UK’s regulatory BIM mandate and influencing the Modernist landscape design of the National 9/11 Memorial to advancing set design for the box-office shattering SKYFALL and the world’s biggest Halftime Show, these are some of the more public ways that Vectorworks stands behind design innovation. We provide powerful tools to help our users capture ideas, nurture innovation, communicate effectively, and expand their vision.

Moving forward, our commitment to developing world-class 3D and BIM modeling software is ingrained in a singular truth: inspired design happens at the hands of the designer with the tools they select to envision and manage the project. Vectorworks supports that inspiration with a product line that emphasizes the use of data to inform design decisions throughout the workflow process. It’s an approach that reduces errors in the early stages of the design process — data exposes gaps in concept, which can be corrected in real-time, keeping projects on time and on budget.

Get to know us better. Take a look at how our customers are making a difference in the world with Vectorworks by visiting our customer showcase. And if you’re ready to take your designs to the next level, request your free 30-day trial now.

Core Values


Strength lies in differences, not similarities.  We are open to considering different perspectives, different approaches to life and to our work. Every person regardless of their ethnicity, status, gender, or position will be treated with respect. Logical, fair, and timely decisions will be made to ensure that all Vectorworks employees are treated without indifferences.


Sharing information within and between teams is the difference between working efficiently and inefficiently. When we work collaboratively, great things can be achieved. We foster a work culture that encourages communication and champions all Vectorworks team members, so we achieve success as one.


When we are achieving and enjoying something every single day, in all of the important areas that make up our lives (work, family, friends, and self), that is the definition of work/life balance.

Let’s foster a supportive workplace that brings out the best in each of us by nourishing our mental, physical, and emotional balance.


We design the go-to product for those who turn beautiful ideas into the world’s most compelling buildings, landscapes, and entertainment experiences. We work together to implement real, logical, and lasting solutions. Continue to think outside the box, learn, and try new things, improve who you are as a person, improve your craft, and ultimately strive to improve our footprint in the world of design.